The artwork is printed on vibrant archival quality paper and then facemounted to a thick, one inch acrylic glass block. They make for stunning conversation starters and centerpieces.

Acrylic blocks are unusual as the effect is so three dimensional that it feels like you are stepping into the world of the painting or photograph! They are sculptural and ambient light gives it that extra pop to mesmerize the viewer. These acrylic blocks are one inch thick and do not need any support, stands or frames. You can place them anywhere! A shelf or a desk or a table. They are sturdy and the light refracts through them in a way that does not damage the print that is face-mounted to the block. Because the image is not printed directly on the acrylic block, it is of archival quality (which depends on the paper, and I only use archival quality paper so the images not only pop, but last!).

These blocks make fantastic gifts as you may know what your loved one loves, but don’t want to have to get the image framed in order to enjoy their new art.
They are also fantastic for small spaces that just need a little shine, spark and color!

Acrylic blocks are extremely sturdy and their diamond cut sides provide a sharp image from any angle. They are also hand polished for a crystal clear finish.

These prints are made using high-end photo paper and a traditional developing process. Then they are mounted under an inch (25 mm) of acrylic glass.
Your print gains visual depth and brilliance under a block of acrylic glass. The block’s transparent edges are polished, meaning you can see through all sides to every razor-sharp detail in the image.

• The look: Glossy and crystal clear with precise details and vivid colors
• The effect: Almost an inch of acrylic glass for sculptural presence with maximum depth
• The protection: UV-protected and non-breakable for long-lasting brilliance and a crystal clear view
• Vibrant face mounted photographic prints (the prints are behind the acrylic glass block, not on top)
• A thick solid free-standing acrylic block for desk, table top or shelves
• Diamond cut sides provide a sharp image from any angle
• Hand polished for a crystal clear finish
• Handmade item
• Materials: 1 inch/2 5 cm thick solid acrylic glass block, plexiglass block
• Made to order

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