My art is an eclectic mix of painting, photography and digital art and illustration…and now it includes short video, timelapse and film loops as well. I have always loved and immersed myself in traditional film photography, printmaking, watercolor, acrylic, encaustic and oil painting….I’m as prolific a writer as I am a visual artist, and I love playing the cello and singing.

My art is mostly tonalist, pictorialist and impressionist. Some of my favorite artists and inspirations have been Odillon Redon, Julia Margaret Cameron, Paul Klee, the Glasgow Four, Edward Steichen and Gustav Moreau. I love their use of color, the dreamlike experience they invoke and the feeling and tone they create for me. I’m deeply inspired by music, especially that of RedBlueBlackSilver and Dead Can Dance.

I have a B.A. in art and writing but most of my salient skills have been self-taught. I have worked for a long time in commercial art, mostly as a graphic designer, and developed strong relationships due to my ability to intuit customer needs.

If you have something else in mind and aren’t seeing it, and would like to hire me for freelance work, please contact me about rates and availability.

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